Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Settling In

Well things have been completely crazy for the past week as we have been trying to get moved.We are almost settled in at mom and dad's. A few more boxes to unpack and things to organize and we will be all set. But we have had lots of other things to keep us busy while trying to get moved too. Warning: lots of pictures to come! It's been a week since I've posted any!
We said "See ya later" to a lot of Stillwater friends (no reason for goodbye, we will be back soon). Rib Crib made this sign for Ryan and our sweet LifeGroup friends had a cookout for us. We were really humbled that people care that much about us, we felt so undeserving.
This is Hudson's LG friend, Ryan. She is so funny, mostly she just walks up and points at him.
Sunday was Mission Roundup at church so we wore our cowboy attire.
There was a portrait backdrop so we took the opportunity for lots of photos our cute cowboy :)
Look at those smiles!
There are better pictures on a friend's camera so I'll share those when I get them.
I think he looks like a doll in this picture.
After church on Sunday we went to meet Braylin. She is 9 weeks old and so long and skinny!
She slept through most of it, but finally woke up at the end and we got to see her eyes.
She is just pure sweetness!
Last night we walked to the high school to honor a fallen soldier from Owasso.
It was amazing to see all the people lining the streets to pay respect as his family was on their way to his memorial service. It really makes you feel proud to be from such a great communtiy that pays tribute to the men and women who give us our freedom. Owasso did a great job of honoring Andrew. Please remember the Looney family in prayer this week. Andrew was only 21 years old, he sacrificed a lot in his young life and we live free because of people like him.
Ryan started his new job somewhere in all this craziness, too. He seems to really like it and is mostly just getting adjusted to the schedule. I can't wait to go visit and see him at work, but since he works so late I'm not sure when that will happen. More on this topic to come, he crashed out this morning when he got home so I didn't get too much out of him about it; just that his first night went well. Tonight is night two, hoping that it goes well and that he is able to stay awake. I can't imagine working nights, it's definitely a big adjustment for all of us. But mostly we are just happy that he is happy and has a good job! I keep getting reminded of how good God is to give us this life and the freedoms we have. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

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