Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meetings and Thank You's

This week has been full of meetings.
And Monday, it worked out best for Hudson to go to the meeting with me....
But after he pooped out the bottom of his pants and onto mommy's pants during the first meeting, we had to rethink that idea! I'm just thankful that someone came running after us to help when we ran out of the room to get both of us cleaned up!
So he got to visit with Aunt Stacia during the next meeting!
Isn't that the sweetest smile?! It's the best part of my day-getting home, putting on pj pants, and just sitting and talking to my baby. Seeing his face light up like this makes a busy week of meetings so much better!
He even got to take a trip to Tulsa and visit family during daddy's "meeting" aka interview! And because of all of the busyness of meetings, etc. I am so behind on saying a thank you to a friend who I haven't seen in so long!
Amy, thank you so much for these sweet shoes! We were so surprised when we got them in the mail! We haven't seen you in so long and it was so sweet for you to think of us! Come back to Oklahoma soon and visit!

And a special thank you to my father-in-law for this handmade gift! He got some new tools and has just started making things like this! My crafty sister will be painting it and I can't wait to see how it turns out! Thank you for the sign, Morton!

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