Saturday, March 27, 2010

Funny Kids and LifeKIDS

Another interesting conversation with the boy that I posted about last time. He's quite the thinker and talker! He is an interesting fellow!
B: How does God make people?
Me: How do you think God makes people?
B: I don't know.
Me: Well first everyone starts as a baby and then they grow up. (This could have gone in the wrong direction but I said it anyway)
B: Well how does he make them? Does he make them out of play dough?
Me: Are you made out of play dough, B?
B: Well no.
Me: I didn't think so. We aren't made out of play dough.
B: Well then how does he make them? Does he like take it out of you?
He was pulling on his arm at this point. I think he was getting at asking if he takes bones out of people to make other people. But just like every kindergartener he doesn't have a long attention span so he got distracted and walked away.

When talking about jobs...
"My mom, she used to work at Pizza Hut. But now she just stays home and eats, sleeps, watches tv and stuff like that."

"My sister, she works at Subway"
"Well that is kind of like a cook. She makes sandwiches, but she probably doesn't cook them." (We had just been talking about cooks)
"Yeah, so she is a maker."

And I can't leave without a picture of my own boy who I know will grow up to say funny things too.
He has been a sleepy one today. I think he was saving up his energy for his big debut in LifeKIDS! But he was good and his little friend was there so I know they had fun He sure smiled a lot when I asked him about his evening :)
Hope you all had a happy Saturday!
Ours has been raining and relaxing, a nice end to this busy week!

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