Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baylor Buds and Basketball

Last Friday our sweet Baylor friends showed up with cupcakes so we decided to let them stay! Ha We only call them our Baylor friends because they are both graduate students there, but they mean a whole lot more to us than the fact that they go to Baylor and we enjoy the tradition of basketball and football games with them! We are so thankful for them and their friendship.We were so excited that they were able to come meet Hudson and spend some time hanging out! We miss them a lot and are trying to convince them to live closer!
Steven and Hudson had some good bonding time. Steven talked Hudson's ear off and Hudson had to promise to talk back more next time they saw each other.
Ryan has been wanting to go to a basketball game and it just worked out that we could go while Steven and Katie were in town! This is Hudson's first OSU sporting event! He even had to have his own ticket. Kind of crazy if you ask me since he can't sit in his own seat, but it wasn't pricey so we gave in.
Steven and Katie were even nice enough to wear orange and support the Cowboys since we weren't playing thier team!
Ryan taught Hudson the fight song and how to make OSU with his arms!

But he slept through most of the game and even showed us his pistols!
It was a good first game! We beat Nebraska and had fun taking Hudson!
Of course Steven cannot come to Oklahoma and not eat at Ted's, so we convinced Ryan to take us! It was super yummy and we hadn't been in so long! I think since October?!
Anyway, the weekend went by way too fast and our time with friends was too short. We always have lots of fun when they're here. 
Please come back soon, we miss you! Or maybe it's time for Hudson's first trip to Waco?!
Love you friends, hope you had a great Spring Break!

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