Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Months Old

Hudson, you are two months old today!
Today you had your two month doctor's visit.
You weigh 10lb 13oz (between 25-50%)
You are 23in. in length (50%)
Your head measures 15 3/4

This month has brought a lot of changes for you. Mommy went back to work and you spend your days with daddy, grandma, and your daycare teachers.
You attend daycare 2 days a week and I think you are stil taking it all in. You always have a fuuny schedule while you are there. The teachers say you like to swing, but mommy thinks that is funny because you can only stand your swing for about 5 minutes at home.  Everyone there just seems to love you. You are the youngest baby they have so I think they like to show you off.

You are still wearing your newborn/0-3 clothes and a size 1 diaper.

You eat every 2 hours (almost to the minute most of the time), except when you are at daycare. I think you are so overwhelmed by all that is happening that you forget you are hungry.

You love to talk and smile. You wake up happy in the mornings and sit and talk and smile at us for at least 10-15 minutes. You also talk at random times throughout the day whenever you feel like it and you like to smile when people talk to you. Mommy is the best at making you smile though! You always smile when you get your diaper changed now, something you used to scream about before. Your smile makes everything better!

You did good sleeping in 4 hour blocks at night, but have recently decided that you wanted to eat every 2 hours again.
You are a super picky sleeper so we have been experimenting to find where you sleep best. The truth is that you really just want to cuddle with mom and dad all night, but they aren't allowing it. So we spend lots of time trying to figure out what will make you happy. Maybe you will let us know soon?
We are starting tumy time! The first time you would not have it. The look in your eyes says, "You have to be kidding right now. Are we really doing this mom?" But we will keep trying!

The past month we have had your first day at daycare, your dedication at church, and you met new friends from Texas. We also had your first set of shots today :(. You screamed and had tears, thankfully mommy didn't cry too. But a bottle made you calm down and now you have spent the WHOLE day sleeping and fussing when you get moved or put down. So we are spending the evening on the couch even though mommy needs to be painting her bathroom! Oh well, we can't complain about cuddle time!
We love you, Hudder Budder!

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