Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Five

The five things that I am thankful for today:
1. A sleeping baby-he only napped on our 20 minute car ride home from antique shopping, spent an hour in his bed talking, and then had a rough afternoon. Thankfully he went to bed easily and I was able to get something done after that. I love him so much, but he isn't very sweet and happy when he hasn't napped.
2. That my husband works so hard-he works nights and I know it's rough on him. But he never complains, he just does what he has to.
3. Our new house-not many people in the world get to have a house full of things and people they love. I am grateful for everything I have been blessed with in this home.
4. Coupons-I'm still learning, but I am thankful that I can help us save some moolah with coupons! It's kinda fun too!
5. Hudson's Baby Bible-I am so thankful that I can read him a story each night when he goes to bed and then we can pray about that topic. Tonight it was obedience-we read about Jonah and prayed that our family would have the faith to obey God's will. Sometimes I think these devotionals turn out the be better than the one I do on my own.

What are you thankful for?

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