Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Lately

Just a few photo memories of our week/end:
We are having a bit of a mini vacation while our air is out. We miss home and sleep has been a little crazy, but we are making the most of it. Hudson and I had a lunch date with our sweet friend Ann last week. Hudson had such a fun time playing in the play area and I'm so glad I got to chat with a friend! 
We took H to the park, but didn't last long. It is just SO hot out there! 
Pei Wei for Mae Mae's birthday! Hudson loved it and ate so so good! 
Just being my cutie! 
He still loves the word hot. So he likes to be in charge of checking the water temperature.... 
And we got some family time at Mae Mae and Papa's pool. Hudson is definitely loving it more each time! With this weather I think we will be swimming into September...
Happy Summer! Scorching hot summer!

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