Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Play Dates and Bottles

I'm backtracking a little to catch up on some things we have been up to.We had a play date on Friday with some of our favorite people and made a new friend too!
Hudson 17 months, Ayden 19 months, Peyton 3 months, Carter 6 months.
Candace did such a good job putting on a play day with yummy snacks, and snack cups and sippy cups for the kiddos. Unfortunately this is the only picture I took, I was too busy holding a sweet baby girl! It's funny to see the boys in their own territory. When we go to Ayden's he is protective of his toys, and the same happens when they come to us. Usually after an hour or two they decide that it's really not so bad sharing their toys, but they sure can be defensive until then. I guess that is the good part of playing with others-they are learning to share and socialize!
We had a really lazy morning because it got dark and looked like we would have a big storm. We layed around and H drank milk from a cup (see below) and watched Mickey Mouse. It didn't rain a drop and finally got sunny outside so we decided to get out for a play date together. 
Of course the best play date spot is CFA! Hudson has only ever been in the play area once before today and he couldn't walk then so it was short lived. It was nice because there were only two other kids in there and H could walk around and explore a bit. He mostly followed an older boy around who was talking his ear off! ha! I think he had fun!
In other's news, we are 4 days without a bottle! I will say that I was SO nervous about doing it, but my goal was to be completely done with the bottle before I went back to work. Some kids have a paci or blanket or something they hold onto and for H it was his bottle. Most people advised to wean him slowly and we started that way. For a few days, we would do our normal bedtime routines then he would sit in the living room with us and drink his bottle and go to bed without one. That was working pretty well, but I knew the daytime would be even harder so we kind of went cold turkey. He was not happy the first nap time when his milk was in a cup and he threw a fit. But when the fit was over and he realized that what he was drinking in his cup was milk, he was much happier. He is still trying to understand that he can still have milk he just can't have it in a bottle. He still asks for a bottle, but he is learning how to ask for milk. It's been his habit to say "baba" for so long that it's a process.


Katie said...

When did your baby turn in to a little boy?!?! He is growing too fast! Give him a big hug from me :)

Amber said...

Will do! We have to get together so you can see him in person. He's much more fun that way! Miss you!