Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

I guess this turned out to be a somewhat eventful weekend. We had quite a few fun things going on!
It's started Friday with Cow Appreciation at Chick-Fil-A. It's one of our favorite spots in town. Besides the fact that my brother and sister have both worked there they have great community events and the BEST food! I used a t-shirt, a hat to attach ears, and some black material to turn H into a cow for our free chicken! And he now says moo! Ha! He was so mesmerized by the cow and watched him the whole time.
Saturday afternoon, we met some of my dad's side of the family that was driving through town. We ate at Ted's (another yummy place!) and got to visit for a bit. It was good to see everyone! This is my cousin Colin holding H, they both look like Loderhose kids!
Sunday I turned the big 25, woohoo (I guess)! I'm not a huge fan of my birthday, but we did have a nice day. Hudson learned to say "hap birday" a few weeks ago and it was sweet to hear my 1 year old wish me a good day even though he has no idea what it means! 
We went to church, Panera for lunch, and had family over to celebrate for dinner. My sweet husband planned it all and we had Alfredo and spaghetti! Can you tell that we love to eat?!
My sister made this delicious cake! It's layered with German chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, and more crumbly cake! It might look like a mess, but I don't mind because it tasted like heaven! Thanks Abby!
And the best part of the day was probably this! Aunt Abby watched H man so Ryan and I could go to a movie. We splurged on a large popcorn (95% of it ended up in the trash) and were the only people in the theater. We saw Larry Crowne. I wouldn't suggest that everyone run out and see it. It's a cute movie, but it's really pointless. Oh well, it was just nice to be out of the house with my best friend and not have to worry about our sweet boy. 
I guess turning 25 was pretty painless!

P.S. Any Big Brother fans out there? It's the best show of the summer! There is just something interesting about putting 10-12 people in a house together and seeing how they act/react!

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