Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well Check and Air Conditioning

Well, it's been a long day. We have been dealing with a fussy baby from a minor cold and shots and fighting with our home warranty to get our air conditioning fixed (after a week without it)! I'm worn out! So I'll keep this short and sweet....
Hudson had his 18 month well check today and is doing really great. She did still hear his heat murmur, but it could be from the way his heart is working to get it closed. He is doing great developmentally and talked up a storm for Dr. G. She was very impressed ;) He is a growing little boy too! His stats crack me up because I don't think this is reflective at all of how he compares to his friends (he usually seems so tiny). Ha!
Weight: 24 1/2 lbs (33%)
Height: 33 1/4 in. (77%)
Head: I didn't get the it written down but I think it's 19. I do know that she said he was in 79%.
Daddy says H is going to be smart with that big ole head!

He also got two shots today which he was UPSET about.With the combination of sore legs and a runny nose we have had a few meltdowns today. He also learned to walk backwards while we were waiting for the doctor. He has been doing it all day now and it is hilarious! He thinks it's so funny! Video to come soon...

And we are now HOME! It seems like we have been all over the place for the past week due to A/C problems, but I think we are finally up and running! I'm hoping so because I've missed our house and our routines! I felt like things were spinning out of control for a while. But I am happy to report that it is below 80 degrees in our house and we can live comfortably. A huge thank you to our realtor for dealing with so much to get it taken care of! She's done an incredible job!

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