Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wa Wa aka Water

This summer swimming and water means something completely different from last summer. Last summer he was content to float around in his frog floaty seen here.
This summer he is much more independent and doesn't want to be seen in any kind of floaty or life vest. I think it has something to do with how independent and stubborn he is (more on this subject coming up). 
He really doesn't like the "big pool" (mom and dad's). He is perfectly content to do it on his own in his little pool, where he spends most of his time on the outside. He just walks around it, reaches his hands in to splash, dunks his head (silly boy!), and throws his ball around in the water. He really could care less to actually sit in it. 
Since the "big pool" really isn't that fun for him we tried something new today-the splash pad. He went last year, but when you can't walk and don't remember it, I would consider it new. It took a little getting used to and he didn't get upset about getting wet (unexpectedly at times). I think he was just checking things out.
He found a spot that he liked and hung out there most of the time and didn't venture out much, but I think we will be visiting the splash pad more often! I'm sure by the end of summer he will know his way all around the place!
I'm sorry that you all had to read our details of playing in the water. I'm sure that this compelling piece will bring me many more visitors, ha! But I'm sure next summer will be different from this one so I just want to remember how he acted!

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