Friday, June 3, 2011


A certain 16 month old boy I know decided to be a walker this week! And by saying that I mean he decided he was brave enough to let go and take off. He has been taking steps between people (Nick and Abby mostly) for a while now, but has never been secure enough in himself to do it all on his own. He now is doing a great job balancing his big belly and tiny bottom throughout the house.
This video isn't super exciting, but for my own sake I wanted to post a video to remember what it was like when he first started walking. Yes, he is considered a "late walker" and that's ok. What is most important is that he is learning and growing each day. I think he looks like such a big boy when he walks! So proud of this sweet boy and how much he is changing; he is so fun to watch. Can you tell I'm excited it's summer and I get to spend it with my sweet boy and his daddy?!

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