Saturday, June 18, 2011

LifeStock '11

We moved last week and don't get Internet for a few more days! So if my posts are scattered and random you'll know why. Anyway, Sunday was LifeChurch's annual LifeStock at Big Splash. They rent out the park so that the three Tulsa area campuses could gather for fellowship and fun!
This was Hudson's first trip to a water park and I think he was mesmerized by all of the people and activity. We mostly hung out in the kiddie area with H. It took him a while warm up to the idea, but Nick took him on the slides and he started acting more interested. He kicked around and splashed with his hands most of the time.
Ryan and I snuck off and went down the big slides (not the biggest because I'm a wimp) and that was fun too. It made me miss our summers at White Water as a kid.
The coolest part was that the campus bands played and they used the wave pool to baptize 150 people! Praise the Lord for changed lives! Whoever finds God, finds life!

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