Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haircuts and Summer Days

Hudson was way past due for another haircut and a local salon was having a fundraiser for Joplin. So we thought we would support their efforts and get our hairs cut!
I was worried because last time was quite the horrific experience. But this time we decided to not wear the cape and apparently that did the trick. He sat still the whole time and let her cut his hair. He got a little scared when the trimmers came out but otherwise he just ate his sucker and didn't complain. 
Doesn't he look like such a big boy with his cut? He went to my classroom to finish some things up for the summer and get some things ready for August. I love being home with him, but I do miss my teacher friends. They are incredible women and so encouraging and I am continuing to thank God that he provides me with the best job. He is in control! 
Since I am finished in my classroom we got to have our first pool day! The water is still a little bit cool, but we had fun anyway. 
Hudson hung out with Nick a lot of the time. We have to invest in some new floaties so he can be a little bit more independent.  
Hudson surprises me everyday with things that he knows that I have not yet realized. Yesterday it was bubbles. He picked up the container and said "bubbles" and I didn't even realize he knew what that container had inside. So we poured the bubbles out and he would try to blow on them. His wind isn't quite strong enough yet to actually make the bubbles, but he sure did try. 
I am always amazed about the new things he is learning. I think he is smart, but I am his momma so I'm allowed to think that ;)
I hope your summer days are filled with fun and sweet smiles like mine!

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