Saturday, June 18, 2011

17 Months

Hudson, you are 17 months old!
You are a growing boy! You wear 18 month shirts (so they fit your big belly), 12 month pants, and 18 month jammies.
You wear size 4 in diapers and shoes. We are about ready to move to a size 5 in shoes-you have little feet.

You are still so active. You are walking all over the place! You picked it up so quickly once you were confident and haven't stopped since. You love to walk by yourself now, especially in the grass.
You're favorite thing on TV is Mickey Mouse.
You love to sing-especially in the car. You also love to clap, especially to "If You're Happy and You Know It." 

You are a talking machine. I don't know any other kids your age who talk all day long like you do. I'm not complaining I love listening to your little voice and all that you have to say. I couldn't possibly list all of the things you say but here are a few of your new words: Erin, yay, pillow, blanket, outside, pool, bath. You are starting to learn a few phrases like, "Here ya go" and "I did it". I don't know how many words you know and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. You talk and talk and talk.

You are still a good eater. You love to snack. You love to eat in general. You still really love milk and drink TONS of it each day! You also drink water and a little bit of juice.

You have been teething again and I'm not sure how many teeth you got this time, but I  can't imagine that there are very many more that you need. It was a terrible experience for you, worse than it's ever been, so hopefully we are almost through!

We went to your first gym class this week and we are learning a lot-sharing, playing ball, somersaults, and lot of other fun things. I think it's so good for us to do something with other kids and work on great skills that help you grow!

You moved into your new house last week and have had fun there. I think you are still taking it all in, but you have done so good adjusting to your life being different.

You also started sleeping in a big boy bed! We converted your crib to the next setting and you have a railing instead of a full crib. You have done better than I imagined and I am so proud of you! You are taking all of these changes in your life like a champ!
We love you so very much baby boy! You are growing up so fast, but we love watching you! You are such a joy!

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