Sunday, January 10, 2010


So I'm not going to lie...the last two weeks have been the longest of my life! The 37/38 weeks before this have probably gone faster than the last two. Waiting and wondering when Hudson will decide to come seems to be dragging on. My due date is not for another 3 days, but the wait sure is killer when it's so close! I guess the freezing cold weather and being stuck inside at school and at home probably aren't helping.
We have been trying to keep busy though so here are a few things that have helped my cabin fever...

Cooking-Stacia and I made the mac and cheese recipe I shared a few days ago and it is delicious! I substituted the cauliflower with chicken and left out the onions and it will definitely be a regular dish at our house. Warning: it makes a lot of food! Four of us ate it for dinner and probably didn't even eat a third! You might want to half the recipe.

My girls! I definitely think they know something is up, but they aren't really sure what yet. They have really enjoyed playing in the snow and don't seem to mind the cold weather too much. Although we don't let them go out for very long periods of time they are running around like its 60degrees outside. I'm so glad they don't have cabin fever!

I've been trying to make sure that we have everything done for Hudson.
I've made an e-mail list for his birth announcement and bought this cute little hat. With the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing I wanted to make sure he hd plenty of things to keep his little head warm whether we are at home or have to get out in the cold. Isn't this adorable? Thank you to this website for the great homemade find!

Anyone else ready for a little bit warmer weather to make getting out of the house more enjoyable?

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