Monday, January 25, 2010

One Week Old

Hudson, you are now one week old!
Here is what you have been up to in your first week of life:

You went from being inside mommy's belly,

to your big arrival into the world!
You arrived at 7:48pm weighing 7lbs 15oz and 20 1/2 inches long.
You got to meet the entire group of immediate Loderhose family, Aunt Ashton, your Hatch Grandparents, Aunt Cassie, and mommy's best friend (your adopted aunt) Stacia and her husband.

You had lots more visitors! We spent the day with everyone holding and loving you!


We waited until around most of the day to go home! We were so excited to get out of that tiny hospital room and let you see your real room! Finally after a long day of waiting and a few temperature scares we made it home around 6pm. We came home to a yummy meal of roast and mashed potatoes and a few visitors.

We made our first trip out of the house to visit your pediatrician. You did great and really didn't mind your carseat, but hated getting undressed to be weighed. You weighed 7lbs 4oz.
Your pediatrician loved on you and she said you're doing great! No health problems!

You didn't love Friday morning because it was bath time. We all know that you HATE getting undressed and being cold-I don't blame you.

We made a trip to the bank, your grandparents, Aunt Erin, and Uncle Jon came to visit and some of your new friends too! We can't wait for you all to play together! Here you are with Ayden and Kinley-they were both born in November.

This was a big day! You had a lot of visitors and activities!
It started with your newborn pictures, those will come soon!

Then you met your cousin Katy and Aunt Jean and Uncle Jake.

Aunt Abby, Kinzie and Morgan came to visit and everyone went to eat at Qdoba then some of us went shopping at Wooden Nickel. This was your first stroller ride.

You also helped your daddy cheer on the Cowboys to their win over K-State.
The rest of the day was spent hanging out with family.

You met your cousin John, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Mandy.

You also cuddled with your daddy lots and watched football. This part isn't really important I just love this picture of y'all. Your daddy sure loves you!
Today is your one week birthday!
We visited the doctor for a weight check and you are now 7lbs. 8oz.
Grandma came to visit and we went to visit daddy at his first day back at work since your birth.

I can't believe that you have already been in our lives for a whole week!
Last week we were so excited for your arrival and this week we couldn't be more in love. It really was love at first sight when you were born and you have stolen our hearts everday since. We just can't get enough of you. Here are some things about you at one week old:

Sleeping: You aren't on a good night sleeping schedule. You wake up every 2 hours ready to eat. You also don't love sleeping in your bed, you were so spoiled your first few days in the world with everyone holding you and all you want to do is snuggle.

Eating: You eat every 2 hours at night, but sometimes during the day you eat every 3 or more. You take a big morning nap and that throws off your schedule!
Things you love....
cuddling and being held
being wrapped up in blankets
your hands close to your face
eating-you don't miss any meals!
your swing-it gives mom and dad a nice break from your arms and you don't mind at all!
you even like your carseat and haven't gotten mad when we have put you in it yet.

We love you so much Hudson and cannot wait for all of the upcoming weeks in your life.
We are so blessed to have you!

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