Sunday, January 24, 2010

H squared day!

In order to remember Hudson's birth I thought I should write about "d day" (delivery day), so that someday I can look back and remember how it happened. So here is what I remember 6 days later....
It all started VERY early Monday morning. I had been up most of the night before with some contractions and really just not feeling well, part of it anxiety I'm sure! Anyway, I got up and dressed and we were off to the hospital about 7:15am.
Shortly after 8am Dr. H came in for a visit then came back around 9 or 9:30 to break my water. Sometime in there the girls in my family showed up with bagels and Stacia joined them too. Contractions started getting more consistent after than and more and more painful. I was given some pain medicine until I was ready for an epidural. I decided around 11 it was probably time to ask for the epidural and the nurses said it would be about 30 minutes due to the anesthesiologist being in a c-section. The contractions were getting worse and I was trying to sleep to help myself relax. I know by this time the boys in my family had arrived and Ashton too. I don't remember much else that was happening, I think they were all just hanging out watching tv but I have no idea really! At one point I woke up and they were all gone except mom and Ryan! The nurses kept coming in and checking on me and saying that they were really sorry that I was in so much pain and they wished I wasn't still waiting on my epidural. It was a long 2 1/2 hours of wait time! It was after 1:30 when I finally got my epidural. I remember feeling a small prick when they said they were going to numb me but that was it. Shortly after that everything in the lower half of my body was numb and I couldn't move my legs and I fell asleep.
The nurses came in shortly after and were not happy with my heart rate (it was really slow) so they put me on oxygen and had me lay on my left side to see if that would help. I ended up on my right side, since Hudson seemed to respond to that better.
Of course I slept more and I think Ryan was finally able to relax too since I wasn't in so much pain. I remember feeling nauseous so I tried to eat some jello and sip some chicken broth (it was ramen noodles without the noodles of course) but that made things worse and I got sick :(. I ended up feeling nauseous through most of the delivery. Anyway, about 5 or so the nurses came in to check me and I was dilated to an 8 so it was time to get things ready for delivery! They brought in the baby bed and all of the other things they needed for delivery and things started moving quickly! The family was kicked out and we were ready to start pushing around 6:00. Things really didn't seem to take that long once I started pushing, Hudson was being stubborn and didn't really want to make his way out but finally at 7:48 we had our baby boy!
He was so perfect and we laughed because he had a funny little cone head, that is now perfect!
He got his first bath and was ready to meet the world!
Here he is meeting his daddy!
Our new family! All cleaned up and ready to be introduced to the world!
Around 8:45 or so Ryan went out to get the family and brought them all in! We have lots of pictures of those special moments to share, but to avoid making this post incredibly long we will talk about that another day!

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