Tuesday, January 12, 2010

THE BIG or NOT so big news....

So I had my weekly appointment yesterday and here is the BIG and NOT so fun news.
No progress in the way of dilating...my body is just not ready yet so we are still waiting. The doctor wants to give my body more time to get ready so that I don't go through a long terrible labor to end up with a c-section so we are trying to induce early next week. Unfortunately that means Wednesday January 20th could be Hudson's birthday because that is the earliest they could get me in. But if something comes up earlier in that week they will be calling me to let me know! Whatever happens it will all be perfect and exactly the way it should be.  I know God's timing will be perfect and so we are just waiting on that! There are lots of possibilities-like he could share a birthday with his dad if he came on Sunday or he could be born at 40 weeks gestation (tomorrow) or 41 weks or...... on and on are the possibilities, but none of them really matter. What really matters is that he comes when he is ready and we have a healthy baby boy! So here is to hoping and praying that we remain calm, excited and not anxious and are prepared for whatever comes our way!
Happy Almost Over Pregnancy to Me!

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