Thursday, January 7, 2010

"It's Freezing" Day

Due to the cold weather we are out of school today! I was pretty surprised when Ryan came in the bedroom at 10:30 last night to let me know school was cancelled! So it's been a pretty lazy day around here so far, I think the dogs enjoy no school days too. Why you ask? Because if you were at my house today you would see this....

This is our bed...and if you wanted to find Rylee where would she be?
How about here....

So now big plans around here today, just some light cleaning and lots of relaxing!
Tomorrow I plan to try this new recipe.

A new version of Macaroni and Cheese and I plan to add chicken.
You can see the recipe here.
But first we are watching the National Championship game tonight with friends and pizza!
Go Texas! Have to support the Big 12!
Who are you cheering for?

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