Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I apologize for my lack of existence in the blog world lately. Lots on the mind and lots going on in life in general so it just hasn't been happening. But I am back and will try to keep you updated as much as possible on the arrival of our little boy! So what have I been up to lately?

1.Waiting.This is the hardest part. Knowing how close I am to my due date a lot of waiting has been happening, just wondering when he will actually make his entrance. It didn't help that over the later part of Christmas break I had a lot of time to just hang out and think about it even more. But thankfully I had my best friend around to keep me company and help me stay busy but relax while Ryan worked. We did lots of fun things like bake, watch movies, and get last minute baby things ready. We sterilized pacifiers and bottles, cleaned my house (only the greatest of friends do this for you when you are 9 months pregnant!) and just spent lots of quality time together!
2. Monday I went back to work! I somewhat looked forward to having to go back. I was ready to be back in a routine again and I did miss my littles ones! They are just as sweet as ever and we have had a great couple of days together this week. Of course they are stil saying the cutest things like "You know football is all about, right? Breaking bones!" Ha or "That's impressive" Oh the things that 5 and 6 year olds come up with!
3. I have had a few doctor's appointments (one each week) that I don't think I've updated you much on. Not much in the way of progress towards labor, things are still pretty much the same int the way of dilation. We haven't scheduled a day to induce yet, my doctor is pretty convinced he will come on his own by next week and doesn't want to schedule anthing too early. When I have my appointment next week we wil schedule to induce if there is still no baby, but hopefully he will be here by then!
4. Ryan got sick over the New Year holiday and so he has been pretty worried about trying to get better for the baby's sake. We don't want to pass anything along to a newborn and luckily he is on his way to getting better. Hopefully completely healed when Hudson arrives.
5. I have just been overly blessed the past few weeks while my family, friends, and husband have been watching out for me and taking good care of me. I have been way too spoiled and blessed. I'm so thankful for each of them and hope I'm at least half as supportive as they are. I mean only the best people bring dinner to cook at your house because you're tired and emotional, you're husband has been sick, and they want to spend time with you! I'm so blessed and thankful and think I could spend the rest of my life saying thank you and it still wouldn't be enough.
6. The pictures above are my 38 week picture (top), sterilizing fun (middle) and 39 week picture (bottom). Can you believe how much Hudson and I have both grown over 1 week?! I can't imagine how big I could be by next Wednesday! And uncomfortable too...have I mentioned that? He is one strong baby, kicking his mom like he does!
Hope everyone is having a blessed New Year!

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