Friday, January 29, 2010

American Idol and Snow Days

We are enjoying the snow days here and staying warm inside. We have been having lots of cuddle and rest time!
Here he is wearing his snow day outfit, waiting to see what the "Triple Threat" was going to bring us. Luckily nothing as bad as anticipated, but enough to keep us stuck inside.
Today we ventured outside for Hudson's first snow experience. He really didn't enjoy it to say the least, probably because there was something cold and wet falling on his face. Maybe next year when he's older he will appreciate it a little more!
You can't see anything that is behind us, but we are standing in the front yard.
We are in the 6-12 inch range for expected snow.
Ryan got up for work at 7am and it was snowing then and it hasn't stopped since!
It's been nice to relax at home with my boys, although Ryan has gotten stir crazy so he and his sister ventured out! Meanwhile Hudson and I have been catching up on American Idol (thank you Tivo)! With all the craziness of having a baby I have missed quite a few episodes.
Go here and see my favorite contestant so far-not because of her voice but more her personality. She is so cute and sweet and just plain funy without meaning to be! I hope she does well in the competition! Who is your favorite Idol contestant?!

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