Wednesday, January 13, 2010

40 Weeks and Better News!

Excuse the craziness that I look like in this picture! It was early in the am and 40 weeks pregnant is just not so glamorous!

Hudson and I have officially made it through to a complete pregnancy!  A full 40 weeks!
It's been pretty crazy to think about the past 40 weeks and how much life has changed over this time. Anyway here is a little info about my pregnancy recently....
At my appointment on the 4th my belly measured 38 1/2cm and on the 11th was 39cm .I had a somewhat good amount of weight gain from week 37 to 38 and then lost weight from week 38 to 39. But it is nothing to be concerned about. Hudson is still doing great and his heartbeat was at 150bpm Monday, he sounded like one happy little boy in there!
I have not made any progress in dilating but am about 70% effaced, we are getting there...
The worst things about pregnancy right now-my shirts are getting too short and I'm missing those pre-preggo clothes, my back hurts more, and I wake up for random periods of time in the middle of the night! Oh well, it won't be long until those sleepless nights are spent holding a baby so I won't complain too much. Plus I have so much more to be thankful for than to complain about like getting induced 2 DAYS earlier! I will now get to be induced Monday instead of the originally planned Wednesday! I was so thankful to get a phone call today from my nurse letting me know. My heart was pounding in anticipation of the good news and I immediately called/sent text to everyone I could! So now Hudson's birthday could possibly be January 18th?!! My principal let me know I could inform him that school was cancelled in honor of his birth! Ha Anyway, things are working out better than we imagined and we are so thankful for the ways God is continuing to bless us in this great time in our lives. We can't wait to meet Hudson William!

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LaDawn said...

You look gorgeous! I am so excited for you and Ryan. I am glad that this time is coming to an end and soon you will have your beautiful baby boy. It is really one of the most amazing experiences in life and I wish that I had enjoyed it more while I was going through it. The time flies by so even when you are exhausted and feel so wore out try to enjoy him while he is tiny, he won't stay that way for too long. Hope everything goes well Monday and we look forward to seeing pictures real soon.