Sunday, October 18, 2009

America's Greatest Homecoming-Branded for Life

Friday night kicked off the great Oklahoma State Homecoming celebration! It started with Walkaround to see the house decs and then Homecoming Hoops to see the basketball teams scrimmage! They started off the boys scrimmage with a dance with the pom girls. It was pretty entertaining!

Here we are enjoying all of the festivities!

Saturday we watched the OU/TX game before heading out to the parade! Garth Brooks, Barry Sanders and Robin Ventura were the parade marshalls since they were being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I got a picture of Ryan as he marched by! He was laughing at us because we were screaming for him!

We had a good time at the game and we won which always makes things much better! It was a late game with an 8:15 start so the temperature was cooling down quite quickly, but we cuddled up with layers and blankets and tried to stay warm. Luckily being pregnant made things nice because I wasn't as cold as everyone else! We had a fun night, later I will do a more detailed update but here are a few pictures of some of us at the game.

Ryan and I after the win!

Kinzie and Abby!

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