Friday, October 9, 2009

So Thoughtful!

What could be more useful than hangers to organize Hudson's precious clothes?

Well today we recieved a boxful of these in the mail! I am so thankful to Amanda and Shane for being so thoughtful! That was the sweetest gesture and I am grateful for their thoughtfulness. As we are in the process of organizing all of Hudson's things I keep thinking that I need to pick a few of these up to get us started, but now I don't have to because of these friends! So once again a huge thank you to Amanda and Shane! Now I have another project to get started on in his room! No more baskets of clothes! They will be hung and organized.
And yes Amanda you can stalk our registry anytime you wish :)
I am truely grateful for everyone's well wishes, thoughts, gifts, and support as we start our new journey with Hudson. Ryan and I wouldn't be who we are today without the love and support of all those around us! I'm so forever thankful!

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