Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hayden Greer {meeting big brother}

My brother and sister went to pick up Hudson once Hayden arrived. We did our best to avoid him waiting around the hospital because a toddler with nothing to do makes for a long day!
When he came in he said, "Mommy, he's out of your belly button!" There was lots of observing and talking about "baby ayden" as it sounds in Hudson talk.
He finally decided it was alright to give him a kiss, but wasn't ready to hold him yet. 
He had a million questions, just like any toddler does. 
He also had to know where Hayden was at all times. He kept tabs on who was holding him or where he went. He was especially worried when the nurses would have to take him to the nursery.
We wanted Hudson to feel special on this big day for his brother so "Hayden" came bearing gifts. 
Of course it had to be Thomas gifts. He would say "Hayden got me Thomas, that's so nice."
A few Thomas books too!
And that meant Hayden got quickly introduced to Thomas. He really wanted him to hold Thomas, so we had to explain that he couldn't play toys just yet. 
After some snuggles and iPhone games with mommy, Hud decided he was ready to hold his baby brother. 
Anytime he hold him it doesn't last long, like a total of 1.2 seconds. But he is very sweet and really loves his brother. He tells everyone "It's baby Hayden" and always want to know where he is and what he is doing. He gets really excited when "his eyes are open" and loves to help mommy with things like baths and talks about teaching him to pee in the potty and show him how to be a big boy. I am so thankful he loves that baby boy and is sweet to him. I'm not by any means saying that Hud has been perfect and it hasn't been a challenge to balance them both, but at least they love each other through all that hard stuff, that's what is most important! I am so blessed by two really sweet and loving boys!

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