Monday, November 12, 2012

Harvest Festival

Here is my post marathon to try to get caught up before I'm even more busy with a newborn....
A few weeks ago we went to the Harvest Festival where we ate and ate and ate. There was a chili cook off and they had the best corn on the cob EVER! Hudson absolutely loves corn!
This is a terrible pic, but they also had a trackless train to ride. He couldn't eat anything until he rode that train!
It was a great family event!
The boys even took a little time to play trains and Hud threw grass on everyone!

Afterwards we went to Papa & Mae Mae's to watch our Cowboys play and I got some cuddle time with this sweet guy. He is NOT cuddly at all so I have to take the opportunities when I get them, they are few and far between. But not too much longer can he rest his head on my big belly..

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