Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hayden Greer {arrival}

A lot has happened in the past two weeks-including a newborn. We've been without a computer since we got home from the hospital (it's dead:() so I'm going to make an attempt to catch up. There are no guarantees with a newborn and toddler in this house, but here we go!
We left for the hospital on Nov. 14th at 6am to get checked in. Once again, I was scheduled to be induced because I apparently am not capable of going into labor on my own.
Our room was huge and so nice! That big cabinet is a pull out bed for daddy-although not comfortable it was better than the chair he had at Hud's delivery! Anyway, we got checked in and they got me hooked up to monitors and IVs and all of that fun!
Mom brought Hudson to see us so that he would begin to understand what the day was all about. As soon as he walked in the door he said "Mommy, get up!" He wasn't a huge fan of me lying in the hospital bed.
After he got to hang out for a while mom took him to Ms. Heather's (our babysitter) so he could try to have somewhat of a normal day. His normal was about to change in a big way! Other people were there hanging out too-my mom, sisters, and Ryan's mom were there for a good part of the day.
I was progressing pretty well in labor and started to have some serious pain, so I asked for an epidural and received it sometime between 11-11:30. I had some pain medicine before the epidural that makes me SO sleepy so once I had my epidural and was more comfortable I rested for a while. I knew I was making lots of progress because I was really beginning to feel the pressure! Thankfully the nurse walked in about the time I was ready to call and say I was ready to have this baby! She agreed that we were definitely ready so they got the doctor over as quick as they could.  I think all of this started happening around 2:40...
At 3:02 we welcomed our second bundle of joy to the world! I was honestly shocked by how fast it all happened! A pediatrician was there to do respiratory therapy on him since he had passed meconium while in the womb. Thankfully he checked out perfect and healthy!
He weighed in at 7lbs 7oz and 20 inches. His head measured 14 in, chest 13, and waist 12 1/2.
We think he is perfect in every way. Ps 139:14
And of course it wouldn't be our baby if he didn't have a full head of hair! The first thing the nurses said to me after his birth was "You must of had a lot of heartburn" Thankfully I can say that the old wives tale is not true for this mama! 

He was immediately welcomed with lots of visitors! My entire immediate family was there, Ryan's parents, sister Jessica and niece Sarah. Then he got to meet big brother...

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