Monday, November 12, 2012

40 Weeks!


How Far Along: 40 Weeks and still no baby!
Size of baby: about the size of a small pumpkin(Doctor still thinks he will be a “little guy” aka probably not close to 9lbs.)

Weight Gain/Loss: +29lbs, I actually lost a few more ounces, my belly measured 37cm
Maternity Clothes: Ugh, everything seems too short to fit over the bump and it’s making it hard to get dressed in the mornings!

Gender: It’s still a boy! {Hayden Greer}
Movement: Yes, it’s hilarious to watch my belly and the random body parts you can see (or at least guess) pushing out! He puts on quite a show! He especially loves moving in the shower and when I lay down in bed each night.
Sleep: I’m up usually once or twice a night and there is no sleeping in either!

What I miss: Sleep! And that won’t be back for a long while! And clothes that fit!

Cravings: Water!

Symptoms: big belly, a several very random and far apart contractions.

Best Moment this week: My last doctor’s appointment! Because leaving there knowing the next time we would see her was when were having a baby was so nice! Not because we don’t like our doctor but we are just so anxious to have him in our arms!  And I was happy to hear that I made a little bit of progress on my own (dilated to a 2+) which never happened with Hud!

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