Friday, November 2, 2012

Family & Friends Shower

On Sunday afternoon we were hanging out at the house after church and lunch with cousin Sarah. Cassie (who lives two hours away) called and said she was in town and wanted to see Hud. A few minutes later she showed up with Michelle and Valerie to pick up Sarah and see Hud. They hung out for a while before leaving.

As soon as they left I had a voicemail from my grandma and before I could even call her back, she was walking in my front door! Hud was so excited to see her, but immediately wanted to know where Pops was. So we went to my parents to see him and when I walked in the front door this is what I saw….


It was no coincidence that two family members who live more than 2 hours away were both at my house the same afternoon ;) Apparently my sister(s) with the help of Ryan had put this together, I’m not really sure the details about any of that!


There was lots of yummy food,


family, friends, and of course my mom’s baked goodies! And not only are they yummy, they are adorable too!


I’m so thankful for all of our sweet family and friends who came to bless us!


I was overwhelmed with their kindness!


And this guy was pretty well convinced it was his birthday because he ended up with about as many things as his baby brother! Everyone was so kind to think of him! Ryan says we now have to cancel Christmas because he’s got so much stuff ;)


We are feeling so blessed that Hayden now has a closet full of diapers and wipes and a dresser full of clothes! It’s a good thing that newborns wear a million outfits or else we would be changing him multiple times a day just to be sure he wears them all! We’re laughing in this one because the shirt says “Daddy and I agree mommy is the boss!” Ha!


I seriously could not say thank you enough to my sisters, husband, family and friends who were involved with Sunday! They are too good to us and I feel so undeserving!

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