Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hayden Greer {one week}

Hayden's first week of life was busy with the holidays so close to his birthday there wasn't much time for resting! Here is what you were up to in your first week of life sweet boy!
Your first night in the world we made a big scene! Mommy was changing your diaper when the nurse came in to see if everything was alright. I thought that was kind of weird until she told me that we had set the alarm off. Your little security bracelet was not on very tight and when I changed your diaper it fell off! Needless to say we were making a loud noise for the nurses! What a way to start off your first week of life!
Thursday was spent hanging out at the hospital and getting held by lots of visitors. 
Friday we got to take you home! And your big brother aka the buckle police, was insistent on doing the buckling in your car seat. 
You are such precious cargo!
Saturday was such a big day with your first bath, mommy's teacher friends coming to visit, 
meeting your aunt Cassie, 
and watching your first OSU game!
You learned all about eating and gave us lots of milk drunk smiles. We LOVE watching those facial expressions develop! Sunday we had a lazy day at home to catch up on rest and it was SO needed!
Monday was a big day with your first doctor's appointment and your newborn pictures. At your appointment (I didn't get any pictures because your big brother was not feeling well and was giving us quite a fit) you weight 7lbs 4oz. The doctor thought you looked great! You also were perfect for your newborn pictures, unlike your brother who needed much bribing (it's the toddler stage that you'll go through too!). You slept the entire time and let Trisha do whatever she needed to for your pictures!
Tuesday we took your big brother to school and he got to show you off and Wednesday we were getting prepared for Thanksgiving and had friends over who were so kind to bring dinner! 
And your first week literally flew by! It's so weird how it had only been one week, but we could hardly remember what life was like before you. You are one loved baby sweet boy! Mommy and daddy and big brother adore you!

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