Saturday, October 27, 2012


Our next Fall Break event was reliving lots of fun memories in Stillwater! It’s kind of our second home and where our first baby was born. We definitely cherish it!


Homecoming is QUITE the event there and you don’t want to miss it! We headed to Walkaround to check out all of the house decs. This one (above & below) made up one of my favorites!


We walked around the newly remodeled Student Union and over to Theta pond!


{The fam went with us too!}


We love this place!


Another fun house dec!

photo (22)

Last we headed to GIA for some Homecoming Hoops! We wanted to see Abby’s bestie playing ball! Hud loved all of the sorority cheers and was trying to do their motions the whole time. Then he headed down with daddy to meet the band! He had a blast!

{And there you have it! The short & sweet version of homecoming!}

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