Friday, October 19, 2012


My cousin Cavin recently returned from serving overseas in the Marines. His parents threw a little party to celebrate his homecoming so we made the trip to Missouri to visit family and celebrate too!


Hudson was so excited to go see his cousin Bray, Cavin’s son. What Hudson didn’t know is that Bray loves trains as much as he does. Last year when we saw them Hud wasn’t into trains yet and he can’t remember that long ago either.


I wouldn’t say Bray was exactly excited about sharing his trains, but Hud wouldn’t be either. Hud, however, was excited that Bray has so many trains to play with.


We celebrated with a cookout and lots of dessert!


Call Me Cupcake (aka mom) made these cute cookies!


(more train talk)


And the boys played and played as much as they could until they were ready to crash!


And until they couldn’t eat any more sweets!


So they hugged and said goodbye so nicely!


We made one last stop at Andy’s before we headed home and then Hud was zonked before we could get out of town.

He had a blast seeing his cousin Bray and now we talk about him a LOT! He talks about how he is “so nice” and how they played trains (I think he has train envy) and where Bray is and how his house is far away.

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