Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Out with Thomas

This summer I was searching for fun things to do with Hudson. I was particularly looking for train ideas because the boy is in love obsessed. So I found out about “A Day Out with Thomas” through my searching, unfortunately it was until this month. Thankfully Hud didn’t know anything about it, I just had to keep quiet about it until now ;)


We talked about going to see Thomas, but he had no idea what that really meant. I love the excitement on his face as he sees the real Thomas we were walking up to!


He was in train heaven. There were trains EVERYWHERE!


They even had a huge Thomas store set up to trap moms and dads into spending more money than they could ever imagine for toy trains. Thankfully we settled on a much smaller Gordon train that he is perfectly happy with!


After our shopping trip we hit the creation station where they had train tables, legos, coloring pages and more that were all Thomas themed! The boy went from table to table faster than I could watch checking out all of the toys. Seriously train heaven!


We were lucky to have our timing just right to get in line for Thomas pictures without much wait!


We got our tickets out and headed to the train ride! Hud was really distracted by excited about his new Gordon he was having a hard time even thinking about the fact that we were going on a real train ride. It was as important as the toy at the moment.



I was the mean mama who didn’t let him open that new toy until our whole day with Thomas was over. He held onto it so tight because he just couldn’t wait!


Clapping for Thomas because he brought us all the way back to the station! Thanks Thomas!


He received a cute little certificate that says he is a Jr. Engineer.


And to end our day we got to see Sir Topham Hatt. I love how he’s just watching and checking him out!


Bye Bye Thomas and trains and Sir Topham Hatt!


And I’m so glad my sister came along to help chase this guy around! After our day with Thomas we ate Qdoba for lunch and went shopping at the best store in OKC for some accessories for Hayden’s room (pics to come later) and I let Hud open his Gordon toy! We also go to visit Abby’s school and classroom (according to Huds) aka her townhouse.

And when we got home my wonderful husband had potato soup and a fire ready. It was a great Saturday!

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