Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting Ready

Hudson is going to “school” this year. It’s something we’ve thought about for a while and decided it would be the perfect time with the new baby coming. It will just be two days a week, but it will be something just for him and not his brother. He is definitely going to need those!

One of the things he needs for school is a mat for resting. I could have gone the easy way and bought/borrowed one of the traditional red and blue plastic ones. But with Pinterest at my fingertips I decided there were enough cutes ones out there and lots of tutorials that I could do it on my own. I didn’t follow one tutorial exactly but mine most resembles the one from Simple Dimples.


I started with:

two yards of Chevron fabric (I’m sort of obsessed)

1/2 yard minky dot

2 buttons

And a roll of ribbon that I nixed at the last minute.


I cut my fabric and laid it them right sides together.


Then I made two tabs for my buttonholes. These are 4x6” with 1/2” seam.


Then I put the tabs between my fabric, pinned it in placed and sewed three of the four sides. (The other side is where I’m going to put Velcro.)


It looked like this when I flipped in right side out.


Then I took a break from that to make his pillow and blanket. He already had the pillow I just used the measurements to make a coordinating one for his nap mat.


Then I used the leftover minky and chevron to make a blanket. It’s small, but I think it’s all he needs for a 45 minute rest time.


Don’t look too close, my sewing is way below beginner level. And everything is still wrinkled at this point.


The next thing I did was iron a 1/2” section over so that there would be a finished edge and sew in Velcro. I decided on Velcro because I really wanted to be able to take it apart and wash it. I know how many germs go around a classroom and although I’m  not afraid of germs I would like to keep this and reuse it for a while!


The last thing to do is insert the foam (two of them). If you were smart (unlike me) you would make your fabric to fit the size of the foam. I hadn’t originally planned on the foam so mine didn’t fit perfectly. I just trimmed it to the right size and inserted it in.


You might as well take a break and test it out! Notice there is less sunlight in my pictures because I worked on it when I could throughout the day and evening.


It looks like he’s in love so I guess I should finish it!


The only parts left were to sew on the buttons and make the button holes to roll it up. I entrusted the help of my very talented mother in law. She does all kinds of sewing and has really good machines so I knew she could do it in no time! Thankfully she made it super easy and then I added the ribbon so H could throw it on his shoulder to carry it.


I just rolled up the blanket inside and it’s ready to go!


I’m hoping this will at least entice him to lay down when it’s time and not be the kid who is running all over the room saying “I don’t way to lay down.”


Now it’s going in the wash for one last cleaning before his big first day at school!

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Kendra said...

It turned out so cute!