Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Preschool Day


Hud knew that school time was here and boy has he been excited. I opened his door yesterday morning to get him up and he was awake and sitting up in his bed already. The words from his mouth were “I want to go to school.” He got right up and was ready to get out the door!


Unfortunately I couldn’t take him (I’ll get my turn in November) so his daddy and his babysitter both went since they will be taking him and picking him up regularly.

photo (19)


This picture makes me so happy Smile Ryan said it was definitely hard to let him go, but they both made it out without any tears. There was a little girl who was really having a hard time (bless her heart) so I think that had H a little worried. But he quickly found the train tracks and was ready to play!


This picture seriously makes me want to cry. He looks so big standing by his table like that!


I don’t think it took him long to get comfortable!


He had a really fun day and his teacher said he followed directions very well and was very kind! When I asked him about school the first thing he told me was, yes you guessed it…he rode the train!

Then he told me this:

“Ms Ristina painted me” (and held up his hand)

“She did?”

“Ya it’s orange”

“It’s not blue” With one finger in the air…

“It’s not?”

“It’s not green, It’s not purple”

Still waving that finger in the air! Ha! I guess he had a great time, he’s talking about going back! And yes I’ve totally made a big deal about him going to preschool, but it’s important to me and I’m excited for him! I love that boy to pieces!


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