Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Like I posted earlier, Hud is starting preschool this week! He has been looking forward to it since we went to visit and meet the director this summer!


Last week we went to meet his teacher and I didn’t ever think he was going to leave! I think he felt right at home with the owls all over just like in mommy’s room!


He played in the kitchen and read a book! He was also really excited when he saw the train track, but that isn’t set up yet! Thankfully his teachers limited the number of things that were out or else he would have played all night!


They have a cute little rug and circle time area. I admire anyone who can do that with 2 year olds. I do it all day long with 5’s and I’m not sure I would want to try any younger than that. It’s hard work!


This is one of his teachers. I’m sure he will love the other one too when he gets to meet her. She’s currently out but will be back in a couple of weeks. But for now he keeps talking about going to see “Ms Ristina” at school.


And of course we couldn’t go to his school without visiting the giant train on the playground. I’m afraid he’s going to be the kid who never lines up because he can’t leave that train Winking smile


As we were leaving Ryan and I were both shocked that Hud asked to ride the carousel. He’s been on one carousel ride in his lifetime and it seemed to scar him. At the zoo or Silver Dollar City or anywhere else he absolutely won’t go near it. But last week he decided too and he loved it. Maybe we are changing our mind about them, I hope so!

Tomorrow is the big first day and he is SUPER excited! I’m praying he loves it and that he follows directions! He is in bed and his lunch and nap mat are made and ready to go! I can’t believe he’s “big” enough for preschool. What happened to my baby?

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