Saturday, September 15, 2012

Veggie Tales


Ms. Heather was so awesome to give us the Veggie Tales Live tickets her husband won! (They have older children who are probably a little too grown for the cute produce characters).


Of course Hud can’t go to a show without his popcorn! And yes, he definitely finished demolished that whole bag!


“No time for smiling mom, the show is on!” Yeah he didn’t really say that, but you know he was thinking it!


It was a nice little mommy & Hud date! We don’t have very many more weeks for those, but we have a few more things planned before it becomes mommy and the boys!


Hud was excited that he could leave sporting a brand new set of silly bandz in the shape of Bob, Larry and the other vegetables!


He now has a wrist full of veggies!


And the best part is that we got to sing silly songs and hear about how God made us special! I’m so thankful for this silly little show that teaches my boy how much God loves him! Because we just could never hear it or tell others enough! So remember GOD LOVES YOU!

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