Saturday, January 1, 2011

what a year!

In January we welcomed the arrival of Hudson and our lives were never the same.
In February we dedicated him to the Lord and learned all about those sleepless nights!
In March this mommy went back to work and learned about balancing work and a family! I don't know how Ryan did it with school, work and a family!
In April we continued to learn about our little boy.
In May we had lots of celebrations with college and high school graduations!
In June Ryan got a new job and we moved away from Stillwater.
In July we settled in and I continued the job search.
In August I found the perfect teaching job and went back to work, but missed Hudson tons! Seriously Lord why do you bless me so much?
(I took this picture so they would know what it's not allowed to look like...)
In September Hudson started crawling and we haven't been able to sit still since.
In October we learned of Hudson's heart murmur and were reminded of how precious life is (although it is nothing serious).
In November we made Hudson's first trip to Texas and got to meet sweet little Emily!
In December we celebrated Hudson's first Christmas and have been reminiscing about how big he is! Our baby boy is growing up!

2010, you have been full of memories, new beginnings, and joy. But you have had your hardships too. We welcomed you by awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby boy and we wave goodbye awaiting the sale of a house. What will 2011 bring? Here's to hoping that we are better people and strive to be more like Jesus than ever before. 2010 you will forever have a special place in our hearts. May be we give abundantly and may we love unconditionally. Happy New Year!

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