Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Birthday Party: Decorations & Food

Yesterday we celebrated H's first birthday with family & close friends. In order to break up an extremely long post I'm doing it in sections. This is the invite I made for the party.
I knew the colors & prints I wanted to use for the party so I made the invite and then planned decorations after the invite was ready. A huge thanks to my friend Tawney for having them printed & shipped to me! You can't see the pearl finish on them in the pictures, but they are way cuter in person!
I made a birthday sign & tissue paper flowers in matching colors.
These signs are so easy to make with scrapbook paper and ribbon.
I wanted a way to display his monthly moose pictures, but I didn't really have a wall to hang them on so I decided to stick with my circles and put it on a ribbon to hang it across the room.
Our favorite cake baker in Owasso made H this cake! I love the way it turned out!  I didn't get any, but there are leftovers so I plan to have some soon!
And isn't his tiny smash cake adorable?
I framed several pictures & placed them around the house of different times in H's first year. This one is from his 1st birthday shoot.
I wanted H to have a party hat to wear so I made this one with fabric that I had bought on clearance a long time ago and had laying around. I just added a few embellishments & it was super easy! My sister covered a few more and made yarn pom poms for the tops so that H's little friends could have their own hat too!
This was the cake & drink table. We had sweet tea, lemonade (not pictured), and ice water to drink. We had chocolate covered pretzels to go with our cake!
The food table which consisted of cheese & crackers, chips & salsa, chicken salad sandwiches, little smokies, spirals, fruit salsa & cinnamon chips, and marshmallow dip. I also had jars of animal crackers & goldfish for the little ones.
I made little labels for the food on the computer & put them on cute scrapbook paper.
Hs favorite decorations were the balloons! He tried to play with them all day!I know he doesn't care much about what his party was decorated like, but it was important to me and I wanted to show how much I cared about his birthday by making it look cute & fun!


Kendra said...

WOW! So talented, Amber - will yo come decorate my next party?! Haha.

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