Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Halfway to 50!

I'm just teasing! I love my awesome husband! We went with a great group of friends and family last night to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Ryan's birthday!
We had a great time and I know he is thankful for each and every person that came! 
These are the loves of my life and it's both exciting and crazy to have their birthdays one day apart! 
Kyle took the baby challenge! Ha! Hudson is going through a little phase about other people holding him.
And this little guy thought that the birthday song was all for him! He loved every minute of it! He was cracking us up!

Happy Birthday sweetheart! Thanks for just being you! Hudson and I love you very much and pray for you everyday that we may be the family you need and want. Love you more than I can say! Sorry for your late blog post...two birthdays in two days is a lot to keep up with!

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