Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Birthday Party: Guests

H has two best buddies that are close to his age:
and Ayden! 
They had a great time playing!
H also had some of his other favorite friends there like this little guy, Derek. Hudson was just a bit jealous that I was holding another baby and tried to pull my hands away from Derek.
These are H's cousins & friends. He is so blessed to have each one of them in his life.
I don't have pictures of every guest that was there, but I am thankful for every single one who was able to make it. I'm thankful for friends like Steven & Katie who made a one day drive from Dallas just to be there and all the others who drove from near & far. Everyone that was there plays and important role in H's life and more than presents or anything else we are thankful for people who take the time to care. And for those who couldn't make it, but care so much too-we love y'all!
Like sweet Katie said-this is as much about us making it through our first year of parenthood as it is H turning one! And she's right-we wouldn't be here today without the family & friends who love us so much ;)
Thank you to all of our guests for coming to celebrate H's first birthday! You made his day so special!

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