Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Birthday Party: Cake Smash

I was worried about H not wanting to eat cake due to his sore mouth, but it went way better than I thought.
He wasn't really thrilled with the idea of sitting in his highchair without food in front of him. 
He also wasn't so sure about the birthday song.
He was pretty non responsive to it like this the whole time.
He went really slow digging into his cake at the beginning as if he wasn't sure what he was getting.
Thanks to my sister for all the cool pictures! She was our party photographer!
 He finally dug in & ate a lot! And made a big mess too!
Thanks to Uncle Jon & Uncle Trent for helping him out! 
The aftermath-I'm sure he had his fill of cake. I think that face says, "I can't finish this thing!"

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