Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

Yesterday while we visited Brass Pro as part of dad's birthday celebration, we also snuck into the Great Pumpkin photo shoot. It was closed and roped off (we didn't know it would be closed), but we stuck Hudson in there anyway. Shame on us.
 We haven't made it to the real pumpkin patch yet, because we got rained out. Hopefully soon we will get there; we only have 4 more days. YIKES!
 But we got some great shots with our Charlie Brown friends!
It helps just a little bit that this guy is such a ham.
And have I mentioned that I went a little crazy with Halloween shirts? And I don't really even like Halloween. It's my least favorite of all holidays, mostly because of all the scary stuff. But all the shirts expect one were bought at the end of last season and I'm pretty sure that I paid less than $3 for each of those. Oh well. This one says "Creeping Cutie" and this picture is terrible quality, but I forgot to take one before we left the house so I snapped a quick one on my phone when we got to Ms. Heather's.

Last but not least, say a prayer for sweet Hudson tomorrow. He had a chest x-ray today (what an experience for Ryan) and has a cardiologist appointment tomorrow. It will be a few days before we know anything, but we are just praying for the best. Everyone keeps saying "don't worry" but I am his mommy so I'm allowed to. I think it's normal, but I know it will all be ok. I just love that little guy and want his sweet heart to be perfect :)

Goodnight all,

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