Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10 Birthday

Yesterday we went to OKC for the afternoon to celebrate the baby sister's 19th birthday!
 We ended up in Bricktown and decided on Toby Keith's! It wasn't my favorite place to eat, but I guess it's all about the atmosphere right?!
 This is Trent practicing his awesome photography skills! Ha!
 This would be what he was practicing those skills on. If you know anything about my child then you know that this picture is odd. He is asleep in a restaurant when his whole family is around. That can only mean one thing-he's sick. Poor guy had a terrible day, we got to OKC and he had a fever of 101.4.  No need to mention that it was a long terrible day for the little guy.
 She might kill me for this picture, but it cracks me up! I love her personality!

 Here is the terribly sad and sick Hudson (in a blurry picture). He really didn't want anything to do with anyone yesterday. I felt terrible that he had such a bad day on his aunt's birthday. He absolutely adores her, but didn't act like it one bit yesterday :(
 This is the birthday girl and her boy. She is growing up!
I'm so thankful for each member of my family (even the unofficial ones)! I wouldn't have made it through yesterday without them. I stayed home with Hudson today and he is on his way to feeling better, but just not there yet. Praying we all get some rest tonight and we have a happier baby tomorrow. There is nothing worse that than little guy being sick.
We love you Abby! Happy 19th Birthday! Sorry it was a little rough for us.

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