Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Break

Ok, so I'm finally writing about our fall break "staycation." Mostly for my own record, but some of you may be interested in our ever so exciting life. ha!
Warning: This post may be long!
I don't have pictures of everything that we did, but Thursday night we went to Abby's volleyball game at JBU. They won, but it took all five games and it was so close! Hudson was such a trooper, it was way past his bedtime, but he stayed awake until we got back in the car to head home.
 Friday we made a trip back to Stillwater for America's greatest homecoming celebration! The theme this year was "Cowboy Nation."
Yet again, Hudson was so good! We ran into lots of wonderful Stillwater friends and had a great time. I'm so glad we decided to go even if we didn't make it to the game.
On Saturday, Julian came over to play while we watched the game with his parents. He and Hudson are hilarious trying to play together. They mostly just follow each other around and take toys from each other.
Hudson had a great time even though the game results were not what we hoped for. We redeemed ourselves a little bit today though!
Sunday we got to have a quick lunch with a good portion of Ryan's family before we headed to the big first birthday party for Julian.
Hudson enjoyed some cake and found some friends to play with. He also enjoyed checking out Julian's new toys. I'm thankful he has a friend close in age to do life with.
Sunday was one of our busiest days of the weekend. Papa and Uncle Jon came home late that night, so we loaded up Hudson in his jammies and took him to the airport to see them. 8 days without them is a long time. He adores these men in his life and they are such good role models. They were in the DR doing mission work and we are so glad they had a good trip!
Monday we had lunch with several of the Kindergarten teachers. I didn't take any pictures, but I am so blessed to work with a great group of women. They make my job so much more fun :)
I loved fall break, because it was all about spending time with those I love most. I'm thankful that Ryan got some time off and we got to be together as a family. I love the two boys (men) in my life and feel blessed to have them. I just want to cherish every moment with them. I hope you are feeling blessed by the people you do life with and those who surround you.

From the desk of one thankful lady,

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