Saturday, October 16, 2010

The DR and Spaghetti Dinner

 This morning my dad, brother and brother-in-law left for the Dominican Republic. They are going to do mission work with a church in BA.
 We didn't go along for the ride to the airport, so Hudson sat at the door and was sad to see them go. He sure does love his pops and his uncles.
 We are praying that they have a great, safe trip and have lots of opportunities to share the love of Jesus. We got a text tonight that they made it there safely so we are excited to hear all about their trip when they get back.
 We had a quiet afternoon after we enjoyed lunch with a sweet friend. Can I just say that I am so so so grateful for friends?! Friends who I can share with, laugh with, and would cry with me if I needed it. We had a great time catching up and then had a relaxing afternoon watching the POKES!
 We made spaghetti for dinner and let Hudson try some. He is always so interested in what we are eating so we have been letting him try a lot of things.
 I am 100% sure that there was a whole lot more on his body than ever made it to his mouth.
 Needless to say, he made an immediate trip to the bathtub afterwards and then the bathtub needed a scrubbing once he got out.
Look at that mess! I sure do love him! 

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