Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I was going to write a post to say that we have all been sick lately, thus my lack of blogging, and that I was not going to share any pictures of the little guy because he hasn't been feeling well and just looks sick. BUT lucky for you, I'm sharing pictures anyway! He is just so stinking cute anyway (at least I think so) and he is sleeping in most of these pictures so you can't see how sad his eyes look.
Anyway, Monday afternoon we were just all feeling pretty terrible and have been trying to recover since. Luckily I got better pretty quickly but the poor "men" of the house are still working on getting there. Ryan is currently feeling the worst and Hudson seems to be much better! Praise the Lord for that! There is nothing worse than a sick baby that you really can't do anything for.
So it's been a pretty dull week here. Just trying to stay rested and work towards getting well again. I think we are almost there.
From the looks of this picture daddy and baby had a pretty good day together. Ryan captioned this picture, "All Partied Out" ha! I'm not sure why Ryan decided to put the bottle cap on his forehead, by the way. But I am thankful for his sense of humor.
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week and isn't suffering from all the sickness we have been. Unfortunately mom and dad ended up with it too :( Praying everyone has a speedy recovery!

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