Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

I was so excited that Ree was coming to Stillwater, so Hudson and I got all ready to go and we were pumped! I thought that getting their an hour early would leave us plenty of time to get in line and pretty close to the front at that, but I was wrong! When we got there we noticed a giant line probably between 75-100 people long. I thought, Ok we can do this. We have to wait one hour until she starts signing then we have one more hour until we have to be at church. Boy was I wrong!
We waited and waited and waited and that line was just not moving. In the midst of this Hudson was stinking up the place and I was so embarressed that I was going to take a stinky baby to meet the Pioneer Woman. After two diaper changes and lots of talking to the ladies in line (by Hudson, not me) we ran out of time and just couldn't wait any longer.
Luckily, my friend Lindsay was there and she offered to get my cookbook signed for me so I could still have an autographed copy. So I left pretty disappointed.
Well here is where the story gets better, because you tell by the picture below that it obviously didn't end there! After church I thought I would drive by Hastings again and see if she still happened to be signing books and she WAS! So we went in, bought a book for mom and dad (since I already had one for myself) and jumped in line. We were the caboose and I was kind of excited about being her last fan of the day, but a family showed up after me. We talked with Ree's husband, the Marlboro Man as she refers to him, and he was super nice! I was telling him this crazy story that I'm telling you now. He said that he would definitely show up at he end if it were him instead of waiting in line all day. I think it's sweet of him to come and hang out with her while she signs books for hours on end.
Hudson woke up just in time to say hello! She tried to guess his age. She guessed 11 weeks and he is 12! She did so good! I was so impressed with her age guessing skills ha!
I'm not too happy with this picture of me, but I love Hudson's face. It's as if he is thinking, who is this lady?
So after a crazy day of waiting and anticipation to meet Ree we finally got it accomplished. And I ended up with a book for myself and my parents!
If you don't "know" her you can check out her story, recipes, and photography here!
We are going to make her spaghetti and meatball recipe this week!
Happy Cooking!

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