Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kids Say the Cutest Things!

Ok, so I have to get these written down so I don't forget them because they are just too cute!

We took our students to see a concert called Giddy Up and Learn. Since it was cowboy themed we told them to wear their western attire! This is not difficult for many of the students in my class since the town is filled with many cowboys and cowgirls :) Anyway that morning as they all arrived in their cute western wear and were getting ready to go, one of little boys came in looking very glum. We proceeded to ask him what was the matter. Here is the answer we got:
"I don't like all these cowboys, I'm not a cowboy. I'm an Indian!" They are so matter of fact in Kindergarten because he truely is Indian, he's not lying!

"An x-ray is where they look inside your body and see if you swallowed something."

After having a discussion about whether we would be attending PE or Music one day a boy said this when he saw which special we were attending. "I stand corrected"

B was reading a book about snakes when T decided to tell him that he could kill those snakes with his bow and arrow. B responded with, "You have a bow and arrow?" T's reply, "Yes I have a bow and arrow I'm Indian, duh."

B: "Hey C, do you know Elvis?"
C: "No"
B: "Well he is pretty cool. He died of a heart attack."
B: "But I don't know what a heart attack is."
T joins conversation: "A heart attack is when you stop breathing."

B: "I love C. Do you know why Mrs. Hatch?"
Me: "No why?"
B: "Because he wears cute clothes and he's stylin'"
Ha if only we could think like the innocent minds of Kindergarteners the world would be a much simpler place!

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